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What is Artificial
Grass Wire Fence ?UV Protection

Our product help you cover many areas around you quickly and effortlessly with natural grass wall pattern with its extraordinary design and natural appearance.


Leader in
Artificial Grass Fence Production

What are the GrassWireFence Areas of Usage? - Artificial Grass Wire

Our product can be used especially in garden walls, private living areas, around sports fields, roofs, vertical landscaping areas, parks, roadsides and many other areas.

We make

We works to protect the holistic quality by managing its production, sales, logistics, and customer relations processes with new production technologiesW.


And produces the highest quality with the most durable materials, our products, we offer the world in 36 countries and customers in every region of Turkey as wholesale and retail.

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In our factory we produce grass Fence, Wire Fence Panel Fence and our products, and greening solutions that do not require maintenance throughout Turkey and the world, we continue to develop major projects ...

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GrassWireFence Advantages

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    High quality raw material

    Our company, which produces TSE certified Grass Fence, Wire and Panel Fence Systems in our factory, has managed to become a leader in the sector in fence systems with its experienced production staff.

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    Export Experience

    Exporting to many countries including Qatar, Kuwait, Israel and Algeria with its strong infrastructure, our company provides after-sales logistics support in line with the demands of our customers.

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    Long-Lasting Use

    Long Durability; can be used for years due to having a special structure for any weather conditions