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About Çağrı Fence

Global Leader in Grass Fence Production

In 1995 FENCE POLE in Turkey, WIRE MESH production and application with activities starting CALL WIRE FENCE In 2012, with new and modern investment with ÇAĞRIFEN of brands in the world market GRASS FENCE PANEL FENCE AND HIGH SECURITY FENCE has acquired a reputable production.

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Our company, which is aware of the fact that experience is the basis of quality service understanding to meet the increasing security requirements in the world It adopts a practice approach that complies with world standards, respects nature and the environment, and fulfills its social responsibilities.

ÇAĞRIFENCE, in order to achieve this goal, first of all; TSE is working to establish ISO 9001: 2008 Quality Management Standard, ISO 36000 Environmental Management Standard and to implement it efficiently and consistently at all levels of the company.

Within the framework of honest, reliable, respectable and transparency principles from our past; It is the main goal of ÇAĞRIFENCE to undertake national and international projects that are worthy of the developing and growing World Market by producing qualified and permanent products that are in accordance with our corporate and moral values ​​in high quality, international standards.